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Emerald Organic Products is proud to partner with Groupon to offer some of the best specials on the internet in organic protein products. Same day shipping on all products Monday-Wednesday if order is placed before 12pm CST. All other orders will be shipped the day after. Orders placed Thursday-Sunday will be shipped on Monday. Our products are carefully packed in a thick walled foam cooler and shipped with dry ice to assure freshness.


The following products are available for purchase with our current special Groupon offer. All pricing below is before your discount!

(Note: All Organic Beef Products are 100% Grass-Fed USDA Certified Organic Beef)


Groupon Products and Specials!
 Organic Steak Burgers 90/10 lean 1/3 pound ea, 1lb ea  $21.59
 Organic Chuck Roast 2 to 3 lb ea  $64.79
Organic Ground Beef 85/15 lean 1lb ea  $17.99
Organic Beef Short Ribs 1lb ea  $16.19
Organic Beef Stew Meat 1lb ea  $21.59
Organic Beef Soup Bones (Shanks) 1lb ea  $12.59
Organic Ribeye Steak 12oz ea  $51.49
Organic New York Strip Steak 10oz ea
Organic Free Range Turkeys (Priced by Weight)  


USDA Certified Organic Beef Package Specials!
 Organic Burger & Roasts  Organic Beef Family Pack  Organic Braisers Delight  Organic Steak & Burger Pack  Organic Beef Party Pack
 $289.99  $339.99  $279.99  $379.99  $279.99
 (10) 1lb Ground Beef  (2) 8oz Top Sirloin Steaks  (2) 2 to 3lb Chuck Roasts (2) 10oz New York Strip Steaks  (2) 1lb Fondue Meat
 (2) 2 to 3lb Chuck Roasts  (2) 10oz New York Strip Steaks  (2) 2 to 3lb Round Roasts (2) 12oz Ribeye Steaks  (2) 1lb Stir Fry Strips
 (2) 2 to 3lb Round Roasts  (2) 1lb Stir Fry Strips  (2) 1lb Stew Meat (2) 8oz Top Sirloin Steaks  (3) 1lb Short Ribs
   (2) 1lb Stew Meat  (2) 1lb Short Ribs (2) 4oz Filet Mignon Steaks  (2) 2 to 3lb Brisket
   (1) 1.5lb London Broil Steak  (1) 1lb Soup Bones (2) 8oz Cube Steaks  (2) 1lb Steak Burgers 90/10
   (1) 1lb Flank Steak  (4) 1lb Ground Beef (1) 1.5lb London Broil Steak  (6) 1lb Ground Beef
   (2) 1lb Steak Burgers 90/10   (1) 1lb Steak Burgers 90/10  
   (7) 1lb Ground Beef   (7) 1lb Ground Beef  


Terms and Conditions: All value must be used in 1 order. Multiple vouchers cannot be used on the same order. Shipping & Handling free on all orders over $200, otherwise $19.99 flat rate Shipping & Handling Fee will be applied to order.